about us

Z&S is a new established firm that has been working in the financial markets for over a year trading private equity. While relatively small we have been able to exploit investment opportunities successfully despite current economic environment. The key to our success has been good financial qualification with two thirds of our team holding Master Degrees in Finance and other third Bachelors, awarded by top universities in the United Kingdom. The team is currently made of three active members – George Stoykov, Alexander Velichkov and Simeon Dimitrov.

our staff

George Stoykov
George is from Sofia, Bulgaria. George studied maths in his early years and always felt fascinated with numbers and statistics. He graduated the National High School of Mathematics and Science Bulgaria's leading mathematics school. George always had a fascination with the stock market, thus when he went to university he wanted to study finance. He graduated BSc in Finance and minor in Economics from Richmond University in London. Richmond offered George a great insight into what he is doing now. He had his first encounter to Technical Analysis there. However, what really made George start trading and study Technical Analysis in depth was his studies in Aston University. He earned MSc in Investment Analysis from Aston. During his Master's studies he had a course devoted to Technical Analysis. He was fascinated by the statistical implication of Technical Analysis and Elliot Wave Theory. Since then, George has constantly been trading and now has developed a trading strategy based on Fibonacci numbers, Elliot Waves and Gartley Patterns. He includes seasonal and hourly statistics to produce even better results.

Alexander Velichkov
Alexander is from Sofia,Bulgaria. He unlike Simeon and George never was that interested into mathematics and statistics, but always held a fascination with financial markets and in particular derivatives. He graduated Richmond University in London with a BSc in Finance. He was top his class in derivatives because of his unconditional interest in the instruments. Alexander was first really interested into trading futures after he was brought by his university to a small trading competition among his class. He scored first and his fascination only grew larger. He started researching further into derivatives and specifically the futures markets. He found that while pure modeling doesn't work well in the market, Technical Analysis had a lot to offer to people looking to actively trade futures. Alexander has extensive knowledge in candle sticks and candle stick patterns. He uses them as a complement to his Fibonacci based trading system. A firm believer that in order to beat the market it is price that matters, and thus each entry one takes has to be perfect or not at all. He also believes that fast execution and precise timing are what differentiate winners and loosers.

Simeon Dimitrov
Simeon is from Sofia, Bulgaria. Simeon like George has always been fascinated with mathematics and statistics. He and George were actually class mates in the National High School of Mathematics and Science. Simeon followed his love for mathematics by continuing his studies in university in the field of Applied Mathematics. He graduated BSc in Applied Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University. During his Bachelors he worked in the field of Information Technology. He knows C++, HTML and several other programming languages. This makes Simeon invaluable asset for Z&S as his knowledge is used in the development in algorithms and risk management processes. However, that is not all Simeon has to contribute to the team. He also graduated MSc in Finance and Investments from Durham University. Durham, being one of the leading universities in the UK thought Simeon a lot. He has deep understanding of financial markets as a result and is able to create quantitative risk management system. Upon graduation from Durham, Simeon like George had a fascination with the stock market and thus he decided to join Z&S.