1. What is Z&S Global ?

Z&S Global is an educiational service focused on the foreign exchange markets. The service is led by a small team of 3 friends, George, Alexander and Simeon. Each of us has our own personal account, which we trade on a Daily basis. In the wake of things, due to interest we decided to start providing educational services into our style of trading. Unlike most services we employ several things into our strategies, from classical technical analysis to harmonic trading. The primary basis of our system is Algorthimic Measured Moves, which is explained lower.

By agreeing to subscribe and accessing the content of this site (copyright of Z&S Global) you agree that you have read the Disclaimer that we offer at the bottom of the website. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms of Use at any time without further notice. If such changes are made we will notify you, the subscriber, on the changes made. If you do not understand the terms of use of this service, or you do not understand or agree with the disclaimer, do not use or access the Service.

2. How much does subscription cost?

Subscription packs come in two forms. 120 USD for 3 months and 50 USD for 1 month. We also offer a $9.99 - 2 week trial. Trial accounts have full access to our premium content.

3. What does Z&S Global offer for this price tag?

   a) Daily Webinars

Every day 13:00 GMT we hold a Live Webinar for subscribers. In this webinar we cover all major instruments, discuss past and future trends and give insight into how to trade the market. After the initial market wrap we take individual questions regarding anything which is of interest to our subscribers. All daily webinars are available on recording for convenience of clients.

b) Evening and Morning Briefing

Every trading day we distribute a Moring and Evening Briefing - 9:00 AM GMT and 1:00 AM GMT respectively. In these briefings we cover the best setups going into London and Asia open with explanations and overview of key levels and often give straight out trade ideas. This is an excellent way of keeping clients informed about trading conditions and price action.

c) Trading Alerts

We run a dedicated Private Twitter feed for our subscribers, in which we hand out limit and market orders. These alerts cover FX, Commodities and Indices. Thanks to the wide range of products we trade we are able to find the best short-term and long-term opportunities with the best possible Risk-to-Reward ratio for subscribers. Each swing trade is accompanied by an e-mail alert to subscribers and can be tracked on the Trade Alerts page

d) Educational Materials

Educational materials come in form of webinars and text. Both are uploaded for viewing to premium members at their leasure.

e) Live Chat Room

We offer a 24/7 live chatroom over Skype, in which we discuss short-term fluctuations in the markets and short-term trades we take. One of the great things about the Skype chatroom is that our subscribers get acquianted with each other and share trade ideas. It creates an experience, which we personally haven't seen in other service and also imrpoves vastly the educational experience.

4. What system does Z&S Global use?

Z&S Global primary focuses on the use of the so called Algorithmic measured moves. The system is based on fibonacci numbers, however, unlike the most way people use Fibonacci numbers, we employ a method of measurement that is used by algorithms, hence the name, Algorthimic measured moves.

Z&S Global also uses Harmonic patterns. While, they are not the main focus of trading, we have developed an approach to Harmonic trading that is combined with Algorthimic measured moves, with a success rate of over 87%.

In addition, Z&S Global also uses Elliot Wave analysis. We never base analysis solely on EW's, however, our knowledge of them often give us a competitive advantage in the market that allows us to better measure topping spots and the beginings of larger pullbacks. We also employ EW analysis to establish potential breakout trades. Such trades were GBPUSD short upon breaking its Daily EW triangle @ 1.58 that led to 1000+ pips downside and USDJPY long from 93 upon a break of an EW triangle wedge, during the infamous BoJ meeting. This led to 500 pips of upside straight away.

In addition, we do upon request educational webinars in any of these systems.

5. How to follow Z&S Global Trade Alerts?

Z&S Global issues trading signals via two Twitter accounts - ZandSSignals and ZandSUpdates. In order to be            able to follow the these channels you have to be a paid customer. Once you have purchased Z&S Global subscription you will be allowed to follw these chanells.